Hatch: Leonard Chan’s Newest Concept Prepares To Open In Tustin

Tiki drinks and sliders in Mid-Century Modern decor sums up the vibe that is Hatch. Practically ready, despite being told something similar last July (we were informed that it will be ready for service this weekend soon), expect this alternative to Central Bar and kettlebar to continue the slow and steady growth that is Tustin’s Union Market.

Of the menu’s trio of sliders we checked out, the clear winner was a grilled portobello. Sandwiched with cheddar, greens, avocado and a roasted garlic aioli, our sliced ‘shrooms were perfectly seasoned and prepared. Crunchy rings of onion were our favorite side offering, while an order of wings echoed the Sriracha flavors of Hatch’s buffalo chicken slider. 

Show up thirsty, and let Dougie take care of you at the bar. Between the baker’s dozen list, rum-based Hemingway’s Ghost was our destiny; the sole beverage with upgrade options, their exclusive Papa’s Pilar casked rum ($12) made it memorable. For a truly tropical treat, get to know Lama Nui’s coconut notes. Surprisingly, all cocktails ranged between $10 and $12. Good for us, bad for our liver.

If you’re wondering where exactly Hatch is, search for the restrooms over by kettlebar. Then walk just beyond them, and you may stumble upon the hallway that is their entrance. If there’s a small group of you, huddle on the couch right before the patio doors for a cozy nook with fresh air. 

Besides the opening of Hatch, Chan’s upcoming concepts include the unnamed bar/arcade combination, plus a handroll concept (both in Downtown Santa Ana). We’re pretty sure those two will secure his title as busiest bachelor in OC.

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