Happy Hours: The Free iPhone App to Help You Find Booze

What's it mean when you have an iPhone app just to find the closest bar hosting a happy hour?

It means you're resourceful, that's what.

Introducing Happy Hours–the first app of its kind. And yes, it's totally free and it launched today from Village Voice Media and app developer GoTime.

Happy Hours, which is also available for the Android, Blackberry and the mobile web, lists food and drink specials around you–just let the phone know your location and it'll pull up photos, menus, addresses, amenities and even user reviews. You can download the app right here.

Best yet, you can even use the sucker on the go: Happy Hours' supported cities list includes, yes, Orange County, but also Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, New York City, Washington DC and many others.

And after you're all done? Use that same phone to call yourself a cab home.

And after the jump: A screen cap preview of Happy Hours OC Weekly edition.

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