Han Seoul Oh in '5 Fast 5 Furious'

Alliteration isn't the only thing going for 5 Fast 5 Furiousapparently the Asian guy in it is called Han Seoul Oh, says FilmDrunk. It seems like it's not a joke: Bravo, Fast and the Furious for being really subtle and naming a Korean race car driver Han in earlier movies, and then changing it to an oh-so-clever Star Wars reference much, much later!


Actor Sung Kang is officially credited as “Han” in Fast Five and “Han Lue” in Fast and Furious (4 Fast 4 Furious), but from what I hear, his name shows up on a screen as “Han Seoul-Oh” multiple times during Fast Five, though it's never spoken, referenced, or explained.

So are Princess Ria and Ruke Skywalker in the movie too?

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