H. George Brennan, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, Might Have Probation Revoked By State Medical Board

After a slew of substandard procedures and allegedly offering one patient hush money, the state medical board let a Newport Beach plastic surgeon keep his license, but gave him a three-year probation term.

Dr. H. George Brennan's probation was slated to end last year, but didn't, because he hadn't yet completed the clinical training course that was one of the terms of his probation. 
Now, he's at risk of having his probation revoked altogether, because he still hasn't completed the program, according to a recent document housed on the state medical board's website.


The medical board placed Brennan on probation following several causes of discipline: gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, offer to pay money in exchange for withdrawal of complaint and failure to maintain adequate and accurate records.

In 2006, when Brennan performed a modified tummy tuck on a 39-year-old woman, he mistakenly used a non-permanent suture, the document states, and the results of the procedure were “suboptimal.” She eventually had to go to a different doctor and get a full tummy tuck to fix it. 
In another case in 2006, Brennan performed a brow lift, face lift and cheek implants on a 60-year-old woman, but only had the patient sign “generic” consent forms, documents state. The cheek implant eventually failed and blocked the woman's nasal passage. When the patient went into the office, Brennan didn't fix the implants, the document states. The next time she returned, however, the office manager offered her $2,000 to have a different surgeon replace the implant. The patient denied the offer. She later returned to Brennan, however, to have a stitch removed and he refused to see her. Then in 2007, he set up a meeting with the patient and offered to pay her $3,500 if she would revoke a complaint she'd made with the medical board and agree not hold him civilly responsible, according to the document.
In a third case, a woman went to Brennan for liposuction of the abdomen and waist, but he “negligently removed an excessive amount of fat from the patient's abdomen, love handles and back,” a medical board document states. She, too, eventually went to a different doctor, for corrective surgery. 
Brennan, who was a founding member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the author of a book on plastic surgery, hasn't returned a call for comment.

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  1. I’ve seen Dr. Brennan for four different procedures over the years, starting in 1987 up until 1992. I was more than satisfied with each and every procedure. The breast implants that were put in for my first surgery I still have, they look better than ever and I’ve never had one problem with them. I am now 66 and had the breast augmentation in 1987. I’m planning g to take the trip from Las Vegas to Newport Beach to have a consult for a facelift with Dr. Brennan. In fact he’s the only Plastic Surgeon I will ever use.

    There are always those patience that are hard to please and others that you just cannot make happy.

    Thank you kindly Dr. Brennan for years of brilliant work.

    Angie Miller

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