Guitar Solos?

Built to Spill have made a career out of paradoxes. They're an indie-rock band who believe there is nothing wrong with sounding epic. They've somehow managed to stay on a major label (while always being referred to as indie rock, because, damn it, they just sound like it) for the past 10 years despite never garnering a radio hit or even a song in a commercial. It's 2008, yet they still have no one sitting behind a laptop onstage, and they revel in big, long guitar solos that meander like dreams. Doug Martsch is getting older, but his voice remains adolescent. They've consistently been unique and familiar, and they've always managed to rock and soothe at the same time (power chords plus fragile voice). Remember when indie rock ruled in the '90s and had boundless potential? Here's the fruit from that tree. Enjoy.
Sat., March 22, 7 p.m., 2008

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