Guess Where the Obama-Basher of the Moment Lives?

Former political science professor John Drew says he met a young Barack Obama when the would-be-president was at Occidental College in the 1980s. He says that back then, Obama was an avowed Marxist who thought that “America was definitely the enemy.” And he's from Laguna Niguel.

“Media darling” might not be the right term, but in the past two weeks Drew has appeared as a source on the right-wing Newsmax website and as a guest on Andrew Breitbart's “The B-Cast.” Drew says he met Obama while visiting California from graduate school at Cornell University, and that Obama was hanging out with friend and eventual campaign booster Hasan Chandoo.

Drew himself seems quite taken with the attention his story is getting. The number of posts on his ResistNet blog about his mentions in the media seems the same or larger than the number of his mentions in the media. 

Is Drew credible? The Newsmax article indicated that Chandoo knew Drew and doesn't dispute that he met Obama, though Chandoo sounds skeptical about Drew's assertions:

“If that's what John Drew said, that's what he said,” Chandoo commented. “I can't remember Obama ever talking like that. It sounds a bit absurd to me, but that's my opinion. I can't remember him ever expressing an interest in being a Marxist.”

In any event, hurray for Laguna Niguel. It has given us Orly Taitz, it has given us John Drew… we're now waiting for Laguna Niguel-based OC Supervisor Patricia Bates to come forward with a tale about the time that baby Obama stole her ice cream cone.

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