Greetings From . . . Summer Travel 2019

Illustration by Jouvon Michael Kingsby

Only the smart people took their summer vacations during the current spell of May Gray/June Gloom. Many are up in Seattle right now, nursing sunburns after basking in the recent hot spell. But those of us back in OC? Buddy, can you spare a parka!?!

If you are in need of vacation ideas, the issue you are holding in your virtual mittens cracks wise on places our writers have visited since the last summer travel issue. We’re talking everywhere from rootin’-tootin’ Jerome, Arizona, to the aloha’n’ Hawaiian island of O’ahu and from sacred El Santuario de Chimayó in northern New Mexico to debauched Los Cabos in southern Baja.

Illustration by Jouvon Michael Kingsby. Design by Federico Medina

Travel-tinged stories also populate our regular weekly sections such as Film and Music. In fact, if you combine the knowledge you get from this issue’s Toke of the Week with a stay at the Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast in Idyllwild, or follow our theater critic’s amazing adventures in Northern Nevada, and you will have a playbook for getting high in the High Sierras.

For staycationers, there are dispatches from the Queen Mary and Palm Springs. Why? Face it: We already reside in a region where everyone else in the country comes during the summer to escape their assorted hellscapes. Yes, getting outta here is great, but hanging back can be cool, too.

Once the damn June Gloom burns off, that is.

WEB BONUS! A Primer on Acquiring Weed While Traveling Abroad.

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