Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop Opens At The OC Mix Next Week!

We were a little surprised when Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop announced plans to open a second Costa Mesa location. But lo and behold, the time has come to celebrate their grand opening. And where else would a hip chain want to open next but in the coveted area off 405 and Harbor.

Located in the same section of SoCo as Iron Press and Waiiha Sushi, they have ambitious plans for the space. With neighbors like ARC and Portola Coffee, you betcha they needed to ramp up operations to stay in the mix.


Offering lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, Jonathan Rollo and Kristi Ritchey know how to draw in hungry diners. We couldn't tell from the size of the space whether other elements would follow suit, but they've confirmed a juice bar and wine bar to accommodate thirsty patrons. Patio seating and on-site gardens are made for those wanting fresh air (or like us, who enjoy the peoplewatching). And yes, they'll even have a happy hour featuring Soju cocktails, organic options and specials on small plates.

Service begins on Monday, July 22. And for those not in the know, Greenleaf is neither vegan nor steakhouse. It's a healthy joint offering meat options, alcohol and salads that make our Top 100.

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