Great American SPAM Recipe Championship Now On!

If you are a hardcore SPAM fan, or want an excuse to hit up another county fair, this might do the trick. The Great American SPAM Recipe Championship is underway in fairs across the country. There's even a kid chef category for a $2,000 cash prize, but our eyes are on the bigger reward. . . .

The winner advancing to nationals will find themselves attending SPAM JAM– in Waikiki!


Getting a free round trip to island paradise for submitting a yummy plate sounds like da kine of event we should enter! SPAM chips, anyone?

Your nearest participating fair is in Bakersfield, up in Kern County. Judgement day is Monday, September, 24. However, something tells us there's all that pesky registration/waiver stuff to complete first. If you're destined for Aloha, here's their website, or you can inquire at (661) 833-4914.

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