Grateful Dead Video Game Coming Soon

The Grateful Dead will truly never die. Apparently, the next incarnation of the group will be that of video-game inspirations. That's right: The Dead are getting their own title, Find Your Own Way Home. Interestingly, the game emphasizes finding hidden objects and unlocking cool band-related extras, as opposed to playing music via instruments or fighting evil buzzkill ninjas. 

In partnership with Digital Experience, the Curious Sense creators will launch the experience August 2011, and the game will be accessible via Facebook, online-game portals, the Dead website and other platforms.

Why not just a full-on Dead Rock Band version? For one, they already have some songs available for download. But more important, the recent band-specific Rock Band titles have underperformed, including the Beatles (oddly). The more open-ended nature of Find Your Own Way should appeal to the die-hard Deadheads, providing a chill gaming experience built more on affinity for the group than technical prowess or achieving high scores, which is just as Jerry would have wanted it.

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