Gov. Brown's Delayed Decision on Fairgrounds Has Both Sides Seeing Victory

For those who didn't want to see the Orange County Fairgrounds sold to Facilities Management West and potentially repurposed, it's a positive that the sale has been put off this long. The goal was to get through the Schwarzenegger administration, and it has. But incoming governor Jerry Brown, viewed as sort of the savior of the land, is asking both sides to hold up so he can assess the deal from every angle.

What that means to either side right now is yet to be seen. Which is probably why, for now, both see it as a step in the right direction.

To those who opposed the sale of the land to FMW, holding off the sale until Brown took office was believed to be the goal. It was believed that Brown opposed the sale, and therefore, once Schwazenegger was gone, the sale would be off.

Brown's in office, but he's not putting his death touch on the sale quite yet.
Which is why FMW sees itself as still in the running. The sale's not going through at this time, but it's not yet dead, either.
According to a Voice of OC report, Brown asked, through the Attorney General's office, that a decision on the sale, which was initially delayed until February, be pushed back again to March, so he can “decide whether the deal makes sense for California.”
Both sides have agreed, and that's where things stand.

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