Good Neighbor

After the latest crash in front of my place, it became clear it was more serious than usual: The elderly guy whose SUV hit the car that pulled out in front of him was wailing in pain. Some of us from the surrounding complexes went down to help. When I got there, someone, maybe you, had managed to get the man out and onto his back on the blacktop. The poor guy was really rattled and frightened, couldn't breathe, and had severe pain in his right chest, possibly broken ribs from the seat belt or steering wheel. I'm sure he was convinced he was going to die right there, and at first, I wasn't convinced he was wrong. We all did well, but you showed some real chops, keeping cool, getting him to concentrate on breathing deep, and saying reassuring and thoughtful things to him to keep him conscious, reducing the panic and fear, calming him down substantially by the time the cops and paramedics arrived. I quickly said thanks to you before getting out of the way, but I want to say it again here: Thanks! You really helped the old guy out.

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