Golden Nugent

Being considered the Motor City madman is quite a distinction. Akin to being the loudest New Yorker or perhaps oldest Floridian, standing out in such a competitive field brings certain responsibilities and expectations. And thankfully, Uncle Ted has been living up to his reputation. Known more these days for his gun-slinging than guitar-slinging, Ted Nugent never passes up a chance to be heard. The recent election excitement has found the Nuge all over cable news spewing his hatred for liberal politicians minus the backlash those Dixie Chicks dealt with. But this is a concert, not a lecture tour. And discussions about who can stick what where will have to wait for between song breaks. For now, the audience can leave their sleeveless formal wear in the closet and just sweat it out to a little “Cat Scratch Fever.”
Tue., June 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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