Going for the Gold: Five 2012 Rap Songs To Inspire Our Olympic Team

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Summer Olympics gather the greatest athletes in the world to perform at the absolute heights of human achievement. While our beloved athletes have spent their lives dedicated to training for their shot at immortality, we at the Weekly thought it might further aid them in their quest by assembling a playlist of the year's top “gold” songs to get them in the zone and bring us back the top honors!

A$AP Rocky – “Goldie”

Harlem's A$AP Rocky is the product of the best influences several regions of rap have to offer, making his single “Goldie” something of an Olympics in itself. In flow, lyrics and swag, it's a track as extravagant as any opening ceremony.


Billy Woods – “Cash 4 Gold”

Taking home the top honors in incredible imagery is Billy Woods' “Cash 4 Gold.” Deconstructing the strip club experience in the least glamorous way possible, Woods' bold vision and technical proficiency (did you notice how many of the lyrics are made-up of a strip club playlist?) ring true from here to London.

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire – “The Gold Watch”

Over a Captain Planet beat that makes for a backdrop that's nothing short of epic, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire's uncompromising attitude and brazen wordplay fuse with the track perfectly, resulting in a juggernaut that dominates any arena it's unleashed in.


Oddisee – “The Gold is Mine”

To build anticipation for his acclaimed 2012 album People Hear What They See, Maryland MC Oddisee released Odd Renditions, an EP of his take on recent cherished hits. Here, he turns Metronomy's “We Broke Free” for the most literal going-for-the-gold song on this playlist.

Waka Flocka Flame featuring Bun-B and Ludacris – “Candy Paint & Gold Teeth”

If it was possible to medal in Twitter, Waka Flocka Flame would be Michael Phelps. Until that day comes, his brand of brash amped-up rap anthems will have to do as the perfect warm-up music. “Candy Paint & Gold Teeth” is such a pulse-pounding celebration of representing one's home that we already feel prepared for 2016's Olympic trials.

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