Gohan: New Japanese Restaurant Coming To Tustin

In one of the too many strip malls along Newport Avenue in Tustin, another competitor has dared to go up against local samurais Cream Pan and Honda Ya. Its name: Gohan.

Not to be confused with a bad Adam Sandler movie or the Dragonball hero, loosely translated, it means “cooked rice” or “mealtime.” They've got their public notice of application to sell alcoholic beverages posted, which is always a pleasant sight. To read about their specific location, keep scrolling.


Located next door to Tustin Pizza Company and a random clothing store also expecting to open eventually, the cross street you are looking for is Walnut Street. What else I can tell you about Gohan Japanese Bistro? Nothing.

Guess we'll just have to watch what happens. After all, the city is notorious for one-hit wonders that thrive: Sutha Thai Kitchen, Traditions, Peter's Gourmade Grill, Christakis, Naan & Kabob, etc. Good luck, Gohan!

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