Glass Animals Give Off Plenty of Peanut Butter Vibes In Santa Ana

Glass Animals's has an electronic infused sound with a similar threading to that of Chet Faker, Purity Ring, and CHVRCHES. Their skillful mastery of beats has the capacity of making even the most blasé of folks feel like they're walking on gummy bears. Their song “Gooey,” with witty lyrics about “peanut butter vibes” (a term you wish you coined) nods to a love affair with Justin's, and Jif, that offers spoonfuls of joy.

The Oxford-based group composed of Dave Bayley, Drew Macfarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joe Seaward begets the kind of applause that makes your hands hurt for the consistent energy they inject into live performances. Which is why at Orange County's Observatory, four guys that became friends at the age of 14 left the crowd goo-goo eyed and chanting…”encore, encore!”


Fake palm tree branches gently swayed as fog dispersed throughout the venue. Bayley, who chose music over med-school began to sing “What'll it be now mister mole/Whisper sloth in curls of smoke/Take a back seat/Or play pharaoh/Dance with me/And shake your bones.”

Fans, already warmed up from LA Priest who opened for Glass Animals wearing white silk pajamas, belted lyrics while moving their wrist's in a wave-like motion towards the sky. Next the band performed “Psylla” and “Exxus” off their debut album, released under Paul Epworth's Wolf Tone Records label.

Bayley stood on his tip-toes holding the mic tenderly and began to perform “Gooey”, which ended with a sexy guitar solo and slow break down involving a dance move they call the Wop. Pausing to catch his breath he asked fans, “How are you guys doing?”, as an intoxicated girl was carried by security guards out of the venue.

A young girl wearing pinstripes took the opportunity to crowd surf over hundreds of moving hands, as Glass Animals hit the tambourine and transitioned to “Hazey.” Soon they covered the Yeah Yeah Yeah's “Gold Lion” which they stealthily made their own, with bouncy beats and intrinsic timing of build up and breakdown (we wouldn't expect anything less).

With the occasional pause to smile and take note of their incredible fanbase, they finished the night with a cover of Kanye West's “Love Lockdown” (which gained them quite a bit of recognition via Soundcloud before ZABA was released in June) before capping off the night with a groove of their own “Pools”. “You guys are the best part of the tour so far” Bayley yelled. “Thank you and goodnight!” What's next for Glass Animals? We wish we knew, but it's obvious that their path of success has only began.

Set List
Black Mambo
Walla Walla
Gold Lion (Yeah Yeah Yeah's)
Cocoa Hooves

Love Lockdown (Kanye West)

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