Girl Scout Wookiee Time!

So, Girl Scouting turns 92 this year. What better way to commemorate the near-century of female community, education and incredible cookies than a meet-and-greet at the Richard Nixon Library between local Girl Scout troops and members of an OC Star Wars Fan Club who will be dressed in homemade costumes as characters from the film? Yes, sometimes OC serves up a dish of brilliant absurdity so perfect you think the county as a whole is punking you. There will be astronomy-related science exhibits sponsored by the troops and various party favors. All kidding aside, we think it's a sweet idea, really, and it sounds like a lot of fun. But Star Wars , Girl Scouts and Richard Nixon memorabilia, all in one place? The mind boggles.
Sun., March 16, 11 a.m., 2008

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