Girl in a Coma Tops Esquire's 'Best Unknown Songs' List

In the December issue of Esquire Magazine, San Antonio rockers Girl in a Coma find themselves atop “The Best Unknown Songs You Probably Haven't Heard” list of 2010. The ladies lead the collection of “eight recent under-the-radar tracks that happen to make us very thankful for this glorious season” as compiled by writer Andy Langer. Girl in a Coma's take on Joy Division's Transmission off of their latest album Adventures in Coverland netted them the top distinction.

The quintessential American men's magazine and pioneering purveyors of 'New Journalism' finally discovered music-making Mexis writing in a brief description,”This all-girl trio reconstitutes a Joy Division classic. Naked xylophone, finger snaps, echo-drenched girl-group harmonies.”

Girl in a Coma, currently working on new songs for their next album in between marching in San Antonio alongside DREAM activists, are big fans of the late '70s English rockers. At first, however, lead vocalist Nina Diaz expressed doubts about how to make the song their own. Deciding on stripping down and slowing the tempo of the original allowed for the singer to flourish with her dynamic as ever vocals.

The approach paid off and scored the ladies a nice distinction in Esquire Magazine out on newsstands now. Meanwhile, as OC Weekly music writers are busy compiling their own lists for the county's best live shows, most underrated bands, and break out acts in 2010, check out this in the studio Girl in a Coma video showing the process behind selecting and recording Transmission.

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