Gettin' Made: Wrappin' Up Summer in Style

I hate to break it to you folks, but it's the last day of August. If you're going to school, you're either back already or heading back soon. If you're a workin' drone, the upcoming Labor Day weekend gives you the last warm weekday off for a while. Either way, yuck. Don't break out the Drano cocktails just yet, though–the California Crafter's Club of Etsy is here to keep summer around a little bit longer with their beach-inspired creations!

You know here in the southland it's going to be warm well into October–this bubble top from Kait Emerson Designs will keep your kids cool for at least a couple more months.

After the jump, more seashore finds from the California Crafter's Club of Etsy.


Maybe your favorite part of summer is Shark Week–if that's the case, you should consider this necklace from Love Jane Jewelry.┬áIt has a tribal/shark's teeth feeling that'll keep you looking sharp well into the new school year.
Love these blank notecards, with the collage of different textures and line drawing. Also, this artwork gets an Oscar for “Best Use of an Old Postage Stamp Without Also Using Forty 1-Cent Stamps to Send Something Through the Mail.”
You could capture the essence of the deep with these classy glassy earrings from NansGlamI love how the pearls are framed by the wire-wrapping!
Looking for a more literal approach to bringing home the beach theme? Try picking up some seashells or coral pieces from Seashell Collection to give a little underwater touch to your living room!

Art is always a great way to honor a particularly memorable summer–be sure to check out the great lighthouse photos available from Barbara Gordon for some relaxing options to hang on your walls!
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