Gettin' Made: That's Despicable (Me)!

If you're a fan of the new movie Despicable Me, get out your knitting needles and crochet hooks. I spotted links to free patterns showing how to make the little Minions over on the Craft Magazine blog 

Linda Potts from the Wolfdreamer blog hasn't seen the movie yet, but was so charmed by these little characters that she felt the urge to create one of them in crochet. Better yet, she's sharing her pattern for free on her blog, along with instructions on how to customize it so you can crochet lots of these for your own personal Minion army! Click here for her free crochet pattern. 
After the jump, the Minions get some knitting love as well.


Crocheting not your thing? That's okay, there's a free knitting pattern out there for you, too! Minneapolis resident Kat made a bunch of these in hopes that they could do her dirty work, and shares the knitting pattern she came up with for free on the Kat Knits blog. The pattern calls for some slightly more advanced knitting techniques than the basic knit and purl stitches, but if the end result is a batch of little guys ready to do your bidding then it's worth it, right? Click here for Kat's free Minion knitting pattern.