Gettin' Made: Taggin' Made Easy (and Legal!)

This weekend I had a chance to try out some new fashion art supplies from Tulip, and it was so much fun! Tulip's Fashion Graffiti supplies include Big Phat Fabric Markers, Fashion Graffiti stencils, and my favorite, the Fabric Paint Cannon. I'm excited to share my less than illegal tagging adventure with you, and even more excited to tell you that Tulip will be hosting a giveaway on their site this week to give away some Fashion Graffiti supplies to a lucky Gettin' Made reader!

After the jump, see how easy it is to make your mark with Tulip's new line and enter to win!


Tulip's been known for their fabric painting supplies for years – remember puffy paints? They've really kicked it up a notch with their new graffiti inspired paints, making the urban art form accessible to everyone. (Also, tagging your tees with Tulip's paints is way more legal than climing onto a 405 overpass to spraypaint your name in foot-high letters.)

Fashion Graffiti paints are perfect for fabric, paper and wood projects, so I got out some blank art canvases and got to work!

I'll be honest, I was most immediately drawn to the Fabric Paint Cannon. It just sounds like an explosive good time. The Paint Cannon paint comes in 6 different bright fun colors including neons, black and white. To use it, you pour some paint into the fabric cannon, pump air into it, press the nozzle, and away you go!

Depending on how you press the nozzle on the Paint Cannon, you can get a fine mist, jagged spatter, transparent or opaque effect. I sprayed some background color onto a small canvas that sat on a larger canvas, leaving a cool blocked-off effect on the larger canvas when the small one was removed. Layering your colors is a lot of fun with these paints!

On another of my small canvases, I tried out masking off areas with blue painter's tape.

You could for sure plan out a specific project to do with these paints, but I found it was even more fun to just let go and really play with the supplies. Don't be afraid to sling some paint around with popsicle sticks!

On the next page, check out the finished project and enter to win Tulip's paint giveaway.


I moved on to the larger canvases, and kept going with the layering of different colors with the Fabric Paint Cannon. Keep in mind you're not limited to the 6 colors the Paint Cannon paint comes in – I mixed a little blue with the hot pink paint and got a really great shade of purple!

Looks like I've slung and sprayed enough paint on these, time to break out the stencils!

I used a couple of the Tulip Fashion Graffiti stencils with the Paint Cannon on the larger canvases, and it came out pretty cool! I liked the smooshy texture the stencil left on the wet paint when i set it on the canvas, but if that's not your bag then definitely let your background painting dry before you stencil. The stencils are great – they come in different sets including a set of tagging style alphabets, and are made of plastic so you can use them on more than one project!

To give my canvases a more finished look, I used Tulip's Big Phat Fabric Markers to color the white canvas edges. The Big Phat Fabric Markers come in 7 permanent colors – I layered the blue and purple together on the sides of my larger canvases and the coverage was pretty great!

Thanks so much to Tulip for supplying the paints for this project! Ready to let go and just have some fun with some Tulip Fashion Graffiti supplies of your own? Click here to visit the Tulip website to enter to win!

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