Gettin' Made: Shopping to Help the Gulf

Face it, folks. The BP oil debacle in the Gulf Coast is depressing as hell. And the fact that there's not a whole lot any of us can do about it doesn't help things. Kate from Etsy shop Flapperdoodle has stepped up to try and give us a way to do something, though, by starting up a collective shop called Help the Gulf Coast.

The shop is made up of arts and crafts pieces donated by tons of Etsy sellers. 100% of the money raised through the purchases made from this shop are split evenly and go to Oxfam America and The National Adubon Society, two non-profit organizations that are working to better the situation in the Gulf Coast.

There's so many different types of things you can get in the Help the Gulf Coast shop. This art print by Mincing Mockingbird reminds you that pelicans don't usually exist in an oil-covered state, and in fact are pretty badass when they have the upper hand.

After the jump, more great shopping selections that give you the opportunity to give back while you shop.


Lend a hand to the Gulf Coast with a purchase of a vintage glove mold! Glove molds are such a fun, unique way to display necklaces or other accessories on your dresser.

I love the ocean colors in this suncatcher, along with the illustration style of the octopus. Hang it in your kitchen window, or any other room that needs a little brightening up with a pop of color!

We all know how tasty raw fish is, but it's significantly less tasty and healthy when it's covered in oil. Let's remember to help out those fishies in the Gulf Coast with the purchase of a cute sushi set like this one from It'sSewYouLLC!

This pendant is simple and to the point – you can help those pelicans with a purchase from the Help the Gulf Coast shop.

I'm loving these images of a more serene, peaceful time at a southern beach. They'd be nice hanging on the wall next to the tv, so you can relax after seeing all the horrible images of oil pouring into the ocean and nearing the shore.


To make a purchase from Help the Gulf Coast, visit the Etsy shop. For updates, including tallies of donations made to Oxfam America and The Audubon Society, visit the blog.

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