Gettin' Made: Screenin' Greenies!

One of the most exciting things I saw at last month's CHA winter trade show was the green screen booth by FJ Westcott – watching theie quick demo, I got so many ideas on all the fun things that people could have with it! Wacky holiday cards, some interesting sets for your Etsy photos, general hilariousness for all occassions (Whose Line Is It Anyway? re-enactments, anyone?) … the possibilities are endless!

The folks at FJ Westcott were kind enough to send a kit for me to try out and share with y'all, and let me tell you this thing is FUN. After the jump, join me and my family as we share how much fun your digital photography can be! Oh and more importantly, find out how you can win a free green screen kit of your very own!


The first step is setting up the green screen. This kit comes with 2 hooks with removeable sticky backings so you can hang it pretty much anywhere temporarily. It also comes with replacement sticky backings so you can reuse the hooks later!


Then the fun begins! We took this photo with a bunch of wall around the green screen in the picture, which we later cropped out using Photoshop. (There's lots of free photo editing software available online, you don't have to spring for the big P for this project!)

You can skip the cropping step by zooming in on your picture to begin with – try to get nothing but green around your photo subject!

The great thing about this kit is there is absolutely no real work involved in getting rid of the green sheet! When you fire up the PhotoKey software that comes with the kit, and import your picture, it automatically takes out the green and leaves you with an image ready to make awesome with one of their 100 included backgrounds! (You could also use your own background photos!)

And POW!!! Instant awesomeness! We've gone from taking a look at our setup, to gazing out over a city skyline!

Are you drooling yet? Good news! FJ Westcott sent along an extra green screen kit for one of our lucky Gettin' Made readers! Tell us what you'd do with this kit, which of our fun pics that we took is your favorite, or anything else you feel like talking about in the comments of this post and you'll automatically be entered to win a free green screen kit of your very own!

Contest closes on midnight this Friday, February 26 so get your thoughts in soon! We love conversations in the comments, but only one entry per person will be counted. Also, if you've won a Gettin' Made giveaway in the last 30 days you'll be ineligible to win so others have a chance at awesomeness.


You can see our full Flickr set of green screen photos by clicking here.

For more information on FJ Westcott and the Green Screen kit, check out their website.

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