Gettin' Made: Mark Your Calendars!

As you crawl out of bed in a more than slightly hung over stupor, take a look at the calendar. It's 2010! Your calendar doesn't work anymore, time for a new one! Sure, you could go to the kiosk at the mall where you've always bought your year full of puppies calendar. But this year could be different – this could be the year you buy a completely original calendar that was made by someone's bare hands!

After the jump, more calendars by indie artists that'll help you ring in the new year right.


I love desk calendars like this one that come in a little cd-like case, because it flips open to become a display easel!

There's some great illustrations on this calendar – they feel a little Sailor Jerry inspired without being over the top cheesy feeling.

A cool trend in Etsy calendars – lots of sellers offer “printable calendars”, which means when you purchase one, you receive a pdf file of the calendar pages that you can print out yourself. Instant gratification!

This gorgeous letterpressed calendar might win the Oscar for most useful calendar – not only does it keep dates and look good doing it, but it also tells you as each month passes what fruits and veggies you can plant AND is reuseable year after year!

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