Gettin' Made: L.A. Flea Market Grand Opening Sunday

This Sunday marks the very first L.A. Flea Market at Dodger Stadium, and there's more than a few reasons to go check it out!

After the jump, a few of the exciting things you won't want to miss at the first L.A. Flea Market!


From the sound of things, the L.A. Flea Market is going to give the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market a run for its money–major shopping sections will include Sustainable Goods, Antiques and Collectibles, New Merchandise, and Antiques, with some good ol' indie arts and crafts thrown in the mix. With the inexpensive $5 general admission and much closer proximity to Orange County, I know I'm going to give it a try!

You can shop the market early if you're willing to pay a little more–it'll set you back $10 to be let in at 7 a.m. (instead of the 9 a.m. general admission opening), but if you're a vintage clothes junkie looking for first picks it'll be more than worth it.

Also exciting about Sunday's market–Rick Dees will be there hosting a Hollywood Yard Sale to benefit the Salvation Army! Yes, that Rick Dees. If scoring gently used items from celebrities isn't enough to tempt you, a variety of food trucks will be on hand as well to take care of any hunger pangs that may arise while you shop, including Border Grill, The Munchie Machine, Cool Haus, and more.

The L.A. Flea Market takes place Sunday, July 18 from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. at Dodger Stadium. For full details, check out the website.

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