Gettin' Made: Knitting Pattern Fit Workshop at Yarn Lady Thursday

One of the most difficult things to wrap your head around as a knitter is how fit works. You can spend tons of hours knitting up your new favorite sweater, only to realize months later when you finish that it just doesn't fit. (Making it your new favorite item you never wear in your dresser drawer.)

Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns is aiming to help fix that problem! The designer and author of The New Knitter's Template will be at Yarn Lady in Laguna Hills on Thursday, Oct. 14, to lead a workshop that will help you knit garments that actually fit.

After the jump, details on Thursday's workshop.


Barry Klein's workshop aims to help knitters learn more about themselves and how to fit knitted garments properly. Students will work with The New Knitter's Template book (included in the $45 cost of the class) to create their own template for the perfect fit garment.

To sign up for Barry Klein's fit workshop, call the Yarn Lady store at (949) 770-7809. Yarn Lady is located at 23052 Lake Forest Drive, C-1 in Laguna Hills. For more information on the shop, visit their website. For more information on Trendsetter Yarns, visit their website.

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