Gettin' Made: Inviting Wedding Invitations

Putting some last minute time into planning that summer wedding? It's just one more way you can buy handmade on Etsy. The options for original and often quirkly wedding invitations available from independent designers is practically endless. And with many sellers offering files that you can print at home, you can rest easy if you should've bought and sent out your invites a few weeks ago.

After the jump, check out some more unique wedding invitation designs that can be found on Etsy.


I love this simple pop graphic style–the colors could make this invite great for an early fall wedding as well! (If anyone wants coolness points, make a note of the date and address of this wedding–crash it next year, and get back to me on if their cake was delicious!)

She was a computer programmer. He was an I.T. genius. Their save the date cards were a match made in pixel heaven.

I'm a sucker for paper lanterns, and this save the date card won my heart immediately. I love the colors and that hit of gold ink! So fancy!

Total do-it-yourselfer in need of a little design help? One of these all-in-one kits might be the answer! This kit comes with the files needed to create all of the wedding pieces seen here–just change out the names, dates and pertinent information, pick out some fabulous paper, print it at home, and save yourself a bundle of money!

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