Gettin' Made: Happy Groundhog Day!

Once you're out of elementary school–or don't live where it snows, I think it's pretty much a given most folks don't really celebrate Groundhog Day. And with the mention of the holiday, most minds turn to the Bill Murray movie. Etsy artisans to the rescue! The noble groundhog is the main attraction in lots of arts and crafts on the website–let's take a look at a few examples!

I am totally in love with this print that likens morning hair to waking up with a groundhog on your head!

After the jump, more groundhogs promise to steal your heart on their holiday.


I think it'd be a pretty awesome way to celebrate Groundhog Day by curling up on the couch with the movie of the same title, while you crochet up this cute little guy using Planet June's pattern!

This photographer actually has groundhogs living near her home and takes lots of great shots of them!

If you're a knitter, not a crocheter, there's still groundhog cuteness to be had! These stitch markers will help you keep your place as you knit up a new pair of socks.

I love, love, love this print–the watercolors with the line work, and all the little hedgehogs that form one big one. It's just awesome!

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