Gettin' Made: Halloween Treats

We're only a couple of weeks away from Halloween, are you ready yet? If you have no idea what you're doing for the holiday, never fear–there's loads of great handmade goodies on Etsy to give you some Halloween flair!

This grizzly bear hat would be a great option for a workplace that doesn't go all out with people dressing up in costumes. Prefer black bears or polar bears? Sunshine Indie offers those by special order.

Check out more fun Halloween-themed pieces after the jump.


Have a kid that's pretty super? Why not order them a superhero set from BabyPop Designs? Featured on Good Morning America, these sets are personalized so the child becomes the superhero. This kit includes a mask, cape, tee and gloves.

Halloween witches still need a place to stash their wallets and lipsticks when heading out for a night on the town–a cute spider clutch like this one keeps it nice and creepy.

Get your furry friend in on the Halloween act when you take her for her morning walk with a funny hat. (The less-than-excited expression on this pup's face makes me think the hat needs to be renamed the Lady GrrGrr hat, though!)

This glow in the dark tee is another great spooky-yet-not-costumey option for a workplace where folks don't dress up for Halloween! I love it because it's spooky but not over the top hitting you in the face with it's Halloween-ness, meaning you really could wear it all year round!

Your turn–what are some of your fave Halloween items on Etsy? What are you going to be for Halloween?

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