Gettin' Made: Got Wood?

Today being Ash Wednesday, I thought it'd be fun to twist that around a little and share some of the amazing woodworking going on out there by folks on Etsy. Like it or knot (yuk yuk yuk!), I'm gonna show you some morning wood anyways!

What better way to continue with the wood puns than to show you guys this great… um… crotch bowl? Don't get grossed out yet – apparently it's called that because this bowl was formed from wood that came from a crotch in a tree (where two major branches meet), and it creates some really interesting woodgrain patterns in the piece.

After the jump, get a hard-on for some more woodies that were made from ash wood.



I'm totally loving this great handmade birdhouse! I always wonder if birds actually use birdhouses, though – who's got an answer for me?

Pick this up on Ash Wednesday and you could spend Lent practicing all kinds of sweet tricks! (The only one I know is the one where you stand there with the yo-yo at the end of the string, waiting for it to do something.)

This basting brush will totally class up your kitchen, even if you only use it to brush butter onto your morning Pop-Tarts.

By far the cutest thing I've seen on Etsy that's made of Ash wood – how awesome are these little acorns! I wanna put 'em in my pocket and feed 'em a cookie every now and then, they're so cute!

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