Gettin' Made: Get Yourself To Rehab

I'm so excited to share today's artisan feature with you – Sara Addington of Soap Rehab produces some of my favorite handmade soap on Etsy!


New for spring is the Pineapple Crush scent – take Sara's own soap formula of skin-loving mango butter, avocado oil and olive oil for creamy, non-drying lather and add some coconut and palm oils for good bubble action and a nice hard, long lasting bar. Then put a delicious smelling scent in the mix and you've pretty much got soap heaven!

Just about every time I purchase soap from Sara, I get some of this Splash of Grapefruit scent – it's such a fresh zingy scent to have in the shower with you! I know lots of folks out there use store-bought bars of soap or shower gel, but I am begging you to give handmade bar soap a try. The scents are better, the ingredients are usually all natural, (Check with your individual soap artisan to be sure!) and it feels so much better on my skin than store-bought!

If you've got super-sensitive skin, give this Pure Rehab soap a try! Sara says this style is “great for sensitive skin or for those with sensitivities to essential oils and fragrances. The finely ground oats naturally calm and soothe your skin–moisturizing, softening, and protecting as it adds a silky, luxurious lather. I like to use this soap for washing my face and shaving, too!”

You can see the whole line of Soap Rehab soaps at the Soap Rehab Etsy shop, and keep up to date with the latest news by following Sara on Twitter!

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