Gettin' Made: Dye-ing for an Update

I got a great email message recently from Facebook friend and Gettin' Made reader Terri Williams. Last fall, Terri was one of the winners in a giveaway I'd done after reviewing some tie-dye supplies from Tulip. (Need your memory refreshed? Click here to check out the article.) Terri had won one of the projects featured in the article as well as some fun stick-on crystals, and was inspired by the article to pick up a Tulip dye kit of her own to share with her family.

After the jump, a few more fun photos from Terri William's Tie Dye Extravaganza!


Terri's granddaughter Christine brushes a resist on her shirt using a heart with wings stencil…

The design becomes visible when dye is added on top of it! Unfortunately, Terri said the resist on this design didn't hold up because there was just too much dye applied to the shirt.

Terri shared that with her young granddaughter, using the tie dye in spray bottles was much easier than traditional techniques. Here, they hung some shirts from a clothesline and let Christine go nuts with color.


One of the neighborhood kids joins in the fun with some tube paints. As the day continued, Terri switched the kids over to tube paints and rhinestones, which resulted in some super fun colorful designs!

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