Gettin' Made: Dirt Don't Hurt

If you're totally into the food truck craze, you best be accessorizing your passion for the meals on wheels with some fab food accessories! Lori of Dirt Road South hails from South Mississippi and creates amazing tiny snack-themed jewelry for your ears, fingers and neck. Let's check out some of her cutest creations:

After the jump, more pieces to please your palate.


I actually purchased one of these for myself a while back when I discovered we shared membership in the Etsy group Unique Women in Business. This necklace blows my mind with the tiny details on both the lobster and the little lemon slices dangling above it, and is a great conversation piece when worn out to a fancy dinner! (Like McDonald's.)

These halves of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be a great gift to give someone as a way of saying “we make a great team”, or for someone who digs the perfect combination of peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other.

This is ingenious; I love how the wine bottle is positioned on the chain so it's pouring into the glass below. Wear it to the next big art show you attend to let everyone know “I'm into art, sure, but first please point me to the free booze table.”

Wine not your cup of tea? Dirt Road South has you covered with this tiny cup of Earl Grey for your finger. Pinkies out!


For more information on Dirt Road South, visit the Etsy shop. Already a Fan? Don't forget to tell Lori so on Facebook!

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