Gettin' Made: A Matter of Taste

Recently, Etsy launched a new feature called Taste Test, and it is awesome. Click on some pictures based on what you like best, and you're presented with a whole slew of amazing indie craft goodies you're sure to love! I took the taste test and it was spot on–here's some of the great things it told me (correctly) that I'd love!


After the jump, more awesome items found using Etsy's Taste Test.


 I've only had a French macaron once, but it rocked my world, and I dream of the day that I will eat another 48 of them.

This cold, rainy weather is the perfect time to bust out a pair of leg warmers.I love the colors and the collagey feel about this piece, and as you saw in the first pick from today's post, I also love when people create pieces featuring one animal's head on another animal's body.

I also love all of the little details in this clock–so fun! Click here to see all of the great finds I saw via Taste Test. Want to see what Etsy has in store for you? Click here to try it out for yourself.

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