Gettin' Made: A Blast from the Sewing Past

Etsy isn't just a treasure trove of handmade goodies, there's also oodles of great vintage items up for grabs! I love a good vintage sewing pattern, and could easily spend hours perusing the 50s and 60s dress patterns that are still available today.

After the jump, check out some more sweet vintage sewing patterns.


Ok no one really needs coulottes, a vest, or a cape. You can admit it… you still want to make em, though! It's okay, I'm not here to judge.

I really love the sweetness of this Cinderella apron – a bonus is the pattern comes with all kinds of ideas on how to customize the pattern for something that's truly unique and one of a kind!

No need to steal those awesome hotel robes the next time you're on a swanky vacation, just make your own his 'n' hers version using this awesome pattern!

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