George Benson, 'Smart Ass' and More from NAMM Day 4

As expected, the final day of NAMM felt sleepy compared with Saturday's star-powered spectacle. There were perks, though. Like being able to walk from exhibit to exhibit without being overcome with the same kind of anxiety associated with trying to switch lanes during rush hour on I-5. 

Not sure how many “names” were in attendance but jazz guitar great George Benson, who scored a huge pop smash in 1976 with “This Masquerade,” elated fans by graciously chatting with each person who waited in line to meet him. The next biggest attraction was probably this kinda-sorta hottie with her heiny hanging out…


“It's not even a great ass,” said the guy behind me, “but, it is showing.”

​Yeah, I felt like this by the end of the day, too. But first, I had a nice long walk back to my car–in the rain! Oh well, still had an extremely memorable weekend at an event unlike anything I had previously witnessed.

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