Geeks Who Drink Present: No Touching! An Arrested Development Quiz

On Wednesday, April 6, Geeks Who Drink will host at the Auld Dubliner in Tustin a quiz centered on the greatest show to ever take place in Orange County: Arrested Development. You're telling me I can win cash monies for knowing in what city the Bluths' banana stand was located? Or what animal devoured Buster Bluth's hand?

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The official Facebook page has all the details:

Annyong! Calling all never nudes! Blue yourself and come prove you are
not a Mr. F at Geeks Who Drink's first all-Arrested Development
quiz. And because not everyone has a stash in a banana stand, we will
be awarding the winning team cash.

Bluth family has provided hours upon hours of dysfunction. Geeks Who
Drinks writers will likely need therapy after scouring the hours for the
. . . best bits and bites to test your knowledge.

are limited to six players apiece, and there's an admission fee of $5
per player. The winning team may not be able to afford a staircase
truck, but they will take home a cash purse between $200 and $500
(depending on total number of players).

8 p.m., The Auld Dubliner: 2487 Park Ave., Tustin, (714) 259-1562;

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