Geek Out With Rock's Backpages

The online music-journalism archive Rock's Backpages is 10 years old this month. If you've never heard of the site, it's probably because a) you're not a music geek or b) you don't want to have to pay to read interviews online–even awesome, historical ones, such as Bob Dylan's first interview with Columbia Records from 1961, Lester Bang's incredible interview with Lou Reed (in which he says Reed has a “nursing-home pallor and fat girdles at his sides“) or Rush's 1978 interview with NME.

But this month, the site is giving away 30 exclusive features for free: 10 definitive interviews, 10 previously unpublished exclusives and 10 audio interviews from its vaults. All you have to do is enter your email address. Check out the list of what's available after the jump.


1. Bob Dylan: The First Interview

2. Jimi Hendrix

3. The Rolling Stone Interview: Keith Richards

4. Lou Reed: A Deaf Mute In a Telephone Booth

5. The Marvin Gaye Interview: Earthly Fights & Mystic Flights

6. Rush: Is Everybody Feelin' All RIGHT? (Geddit . . . ?)

7. An Infamous Interview With Stephen Patrick Morrissey

8. Kurt Cobain: The Lost Interview

9. The Jay-Z Interview

10. All Hail Yorkie Boy: Radiohead

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