Gay Marriage Foes Find Latino Mouthpieces in OC

Where should a conspicuously anti-family, anti-civil rights, anti-gay marriage political “coalition” go when it's looking for Latinos to sound alarms and corral other Latinos to vote for their anti-gay marriage proposition in November? None other than Orange County, of course, where hatred doesn't merely extend to those who are Mexican among us.

The defenders of Prop 8., known as, pulled their first gay-marriage-bashing Latino out for show on Saturday, a day after the now well-covered story of a group of first graders who surprised their lesbian teacher in San Francisco with rose petals and bubbles after her marriage at City Hall.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran its story on Saturday. On the same day the ProtectMarriage folks ran their own story. Seems they couldn't find a single school official up north to give them some juicy anti-gay marriage quotes so they turned to their trusted hate-harboring County to the south, and called on none other than Santa Ana Unified School Board member Rosemarie “Rosie” Avila to chime in. Avila, who voiced her staunch support of Prop. 8 early on, and who is perhaps trying to earn a few votes for her struggling congressional campaign, gave her two, fear-caked cents: “Prop. 8 protects our children from being taught in public schools that 'same-sex marriage' is the same as traditional marriage,” she told the ProtectMarriage folks. “We should not accept a court decision that results in public schools teaching our kids that gay marriage is okay.”


Avila has always been public about her belief in things done her way or the highway (English only, no Spanish language books allowed in school libraries, and no mobile health clinics on campuses, etc.) so her quotes weren't so much surprising as they were annoying. Clearly, the Prop 8 people are using her official “school board member” moniker to give a meaningless counterweight to an otherwise blissful wedding moment that was supported by students' parents, (only two families opted out of the field trip; their kids stayed at school with another class for an hour), and didn't seem to cause marriage chaos in San Francisco.

Even more annoying is that the Prop. 8 people seem to know where to go for paranoid fervor with a Latino touch. Their second successful OC Latino dig came yesterday, when the coalition announced that they'd hired longtime OC legislative staffer Laura Saucedo Cunningham as their Director of Latino Outreach. Saucedo Cunningham was formerly a staffer for pedophile-befriending, local Republican Party Chairman, Scott Baugh.

The ProjectMarriage folks laud her as useful to the campaign because of her “native fluency in the Mexican language.” I can't imagine who she'll be talking to since there's no such thing as “the Mexican language” (unless she plans to go native?). Are Spanish speaking voters really supposed to take seriously the preaching by the Prop. 8 folks about who should be marrying who when they've displayed their ignorance before the world on such a profoundly basic level? Que no, que no!

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