Gauze and Stardust

You missed Mama Cass and Janis Joplin because you were either stoned or unborn, and you've yet to catch the queen of Leather and Lace (mostly lace) because you think she's going to be around forever, too. The Rhiannon Witch has already outlived the other female music legends of her generation whom we so desperately miss, and hopefully, we'll survive many more years. So, when the White Winged Dove flies in to the OC for a special benefit concert at Cal State Fullerton this Saturday, don't miss your chance to catch the full magic of one of the most prolific artists of our age-even if you first have to sit through some CSUF performers and that guy who created Desperate Housewives . Hey, it's a benefit for scholarships. And it's in OC-whaddaya want? At least you'll get the Gold Dust Woman, to boot.
Sat., Feb. 2, 8 p.m., 2008

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