Gas Bag

Illustration by Bob AulYour ignorance was astounding. The entire nation was still in shock without a specific group or person to finger for the attack. I had finished fueling up the tow truck I drive for a living. As I went inside to sign the receipt, you made it to the convenience store of the gas station just before me. While waiting for my receipt to print, you handed the clerk a $5 bill, stating that you were “glad that this isn't a Muslim-owned station.” You then looked at me and asked, “Right?” I ignored you and proceeded to fill out my receipt. The next thing I heard was “Do you know if there are any roadblocks? Hey! Tow truck man! Are there?” I finished filling out my receipt.

You left the convenience store just before I did and started filling up your truck. I also saw you shake your head as I drove past.

This is all that I have to tell you: just because I shave my head doesn't mean that I share your bigoted, stereotypical world views. I also do not condemn an entire nationality or religious group based on the acts of a few rogues. (I have been unfairly treated because of my own appearance, race and religion, so I don't feel the need to be persecuting someone else simply because I do not agree with them.) I feel that those responsible should be brought to justice. However, I don't think the same day was the right time for people to be making light of a national tragedy in which thousands of people lost their lives.

I spent five years of my younger days defending this nation so that ignorant fucks like yourself could mouth off and spew your verbal diarrhea upon the general public. You have shown to me that there are people out there just as ignorant as any terrorist. You have also shown me that shit comes in all hues.

Have a nice day, and go fuck yourself.

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