Garden Grove Police Sued in Little Saigon Gaming Raid Case

The Los Angeles based owners of 57 gaming machines seized in March by Garden Grove police and California Department of Justice is suing authorities in Orange County Superior Court for the return of the equipment.

Attorneys for Intelligame, LLC. claim in an April 28 complaint that the cops had no right to take the machines “because they are not gambling or lottery devices and the user of the seized machines does not receive any piece of money, credit or thing of value . . .”

Lawyer Stephen H. Mattern also said the company wants the return of money contained in the machines when they were seized from Cafe Di Vang 2, Cafe Di Vang 3, Cafe Dien Anh, Cafe Sao, Cafe Lovers, Eden Cafe, GZ Cafe, Miss Saigon cafe, Missi Cafe, Sky Cafe and Stars Cafe.

The 11 cafes–popular with Vietnamese Americans–are in Garden Grove.

Court files show the case has been assigned to Superior Court Judge Charles Margines.

Government officials have not yet responded to the lawsuit, but police have previously said that cafe employees converted gaming machines into illegal gambling devices.

If Margines determines that the machines were properly seized, police are entitled to destroy them.

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