Eat This Now: Bone Marrow and Oxtail Fried Rice from Tebo Pho & Tea

Rice is one of those foods that crosses cultural borders. Asian, Mexican and Italian menus all serve some form of the grain, and you get a damn good bang for your buck. Throw in some protein and veg and it’s a complete meal! Leftovers? If you manage some self-control, that’s one less lunch to think about. And nobody minds if you give it a hit of hot sauce. The rice you didn’t know you were craving is found in the corner of a crazy busy Irvine plaza. Oh, wait. They’re all like that.

Served in a stone pot, you’d expect the crispiest bits (a.k.a. the best part) to stick to the bottom. Not in Tebo’s case. This dish serves up a non-sticky bowlful of crunchy delight— no scraping required. And those juicy nuggets of oxtail buried throughout are first simmered on the bone for at least five hours in the same vessel as their beef pho broth. Finished with a fistful of scallions, runny yolk and that marrow, all that’s left to do involves your spoon and a good stir. Okay, and maybe some hot sauce. Every bite is as good as the last. Order from a list of colorful teas to wash it down, and brace yourself for that fantastic food coma.

Tebo Pho & Tea is located at 14120 Culver Dr, Ste H, Irvine, (949) 536-5353.

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