Free Poke And Lemonade TODAY in Mission Viejo!

If you thought Thursday was just another day, think again. There's not one, but two places giving away the goods. For those that work by Mission Viejo (or drive through Newport or Irvine on the way home), this post is for you!

Formerly a sushi bar known as Sushi Zone, fins Poke Fusion updated their concept to a cubed mentality. Edwin even gave them a thumbs up back in May. A remodel and menu overhaul later, and it was time to celebrate.


The first 100 diners arriving at fins Poke Fusion today will be treated to a poke bowl of their own. Doors open at 11 a.m., so start contemplating your perfect combination. We like a half mixed greens/half addictive white rice combo. Seafood is a personal preference, but go experimental on that sauce. The team behind the counter is happy to provide tasters, yet we found a hybrid of Kilauea (spicy mayo vinaigrette) and Molokai (their house ponzu) to be just right.

After 2 p.m., cruise by your nearest Lemonade to celebrate National Lemonade Day. We were impressed that there is an actual story behind this holiday. The CliffsNotes version has to do with teaching children small business ownership, profits, yada yada yada. All you need to know is that every lemony location will be pouring free cups of the tart stuff until they close. Get your spa on with cucumber mint, fancy with watermelon rosemary, or our favorite– blood-orange. We figure if you plan on being stuck in traffic, at least have a cold, free beverage to pass the time.

The newest Lemonade is located at 2967 Michelson Dr, Irvine, (949) 396-1560; And be sure to check out the video of their massive art installation they built especially for Irvine.

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