Four Songs to Be Remixed Into Anthems If the Kings Move to Anaheim

The Maloof Brothers-owned Sacramento Kings are ditching their outdated digs at Arco Arena (which has recently been renamed Power Balance Pavilion) for greener pastures at Anaheim's Honda Center. The move, which would make them the Anaheim Kings and bring yet another NBA team to the immediate area, is being received differently by all parties involved.

Last year, Z100's David Brody remixed Jay-Z's “Run This Town,” making the parody “Yankees Run This Town”  the unofficial anthem of the World Series-winning Yankees that season. Recently Snoop, Game and YG remixed Wiz Khalifa's Pittsburgh street anthem “Black and Yellow”  into “Purp and Yellow,” a pro-LA, pro-Lakers theme song. We're thinking the Kings will need their own anthem if they do make the big move.

Just in case, here are some of our suggestions for songs that should be considered for remakes if the Kings wind up in OC.


Travis Porter, “Make It Rain”

Ultimately, the Maloof Brothers are making the move because the dilapidated Arco Arena–ahem, Power Balance Pavilion (yes, as in, those plastic bracelets they sell at the mall–and poor economy in Sacramento haven't made this location ideal for profit. However, it's no secret the median income for a household in OC is around $62,000, as compared to Sacramento's $43,000. Plus, with the $100 million Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli has offered to loan the Maloof Bros. to assist in the move to the Honda center, it's obvious there's a lot of money to be made by all parties involved, making Travis Porter's ode to cash coming down like rainfall a perfect anthem.

Dr. Dre, “Keep Their Heads Ringing”

The Arco Arena has often been identified as one of the hardest places to play in the NBA–and not simply because it's hard to get to. The fans are some of the most rambunctious in the nation because of their cowbells, without which Kings fans just wouldn't be Kings fans. Although it's obviously a Sac thing, tradition is tradition. Either way, Dre's “Keep Their Heads Ringing” could easily be remixed into “Keep the Bells Ringing” to preserve an important part of the Kings' tradition.

No Doubt's, “Tragic Kingdom”

Obviously, there are going to be plenty of people upset about the Kings moving so far down the 5 freeway. I mean, after all, there are already two other professional-basketball teams a short ride away. Who needs another? What better way to express their angst at the thought of having to battle traffic 41 extra nights of the year than if someone created an updated, remixed version of No Doubt's “Tragic Kingdom” for the locals. I can hear it now: “They pay homage to a king/Whose dreams are buried/In their minds/His tears are frozen stiff/Icicles drip from his eyes.”

Cee Lo Green's, “Fuck You”

We'd be remiss if we didn't consider Sac fans who feel betrayed by the move. What better anti-theme song than Cee-Lo's kiss-off “Fuck You”? “If I was richer/I'd still be with ya/Ain't that some shit!” . . . Sounds about right.

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