Former Register Exec's Slimming Powers Slim Playboy

Didn't it seem like kind of a weird fit when Playboy Enterprises hired away Scott Flanders, CEO of the libertarian-minded, Orange County Register-owning Freedom Communications last June? What skills could Flanders–who oversaw the Irvine-based newspaper chain as it entered its final slide into¬†bankruptcy–bring to the country's most storied skin mag?
It all makes sense now, though. According to the Chicago Tribune, Flanders has been working hard whittling down his new publishing empire to a shell of what it once was, much as he whittled down another publishing empire to a shell of what it once was.

Says the article:

Under a chief executive determined to remake its faltering business model, Playboy Enterprises Inc. has launched a fast-paced program to outsource much of its operations.

… ¬†

At least two more major partnership, joint-venture or licensing deals will follow in the coming year, making Playboy more profitable but, like its centerfold, “smaller and leaner,” Flanders said.

How much smaller?

Potentially small enough to hide behind a staple.

In a year, he said, the Chicago-based media conglomerate could cut its headcount of 573 employees by half as partners take over its existing operations and expand into new ventures.

Drastically slashing staff? Sounds too familiar. Outsourcing operations? We hear there are copy-editors in New Dehi that might help Playboy out.

Moral of the story: Pray that your employer never hires Scott Flanders.

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