Forget the App, It's a Playable Angry Birds Cake!

SweetSpot Baker's Workshop encourages fun Color-Me-Mine-ing your own cupcake. The gang at Blackmarket Bakery will even get you started with flames or waves, but the finishing touches are at your discretion. And you'll remember Michelle's post on the Angry Birds gingerbread house. So if you've got the creativity gene, why not take it a step farther?

Now comes word of a playable Angry Birds cake. Mike Cooper created one for his 6-year-old son, Ben. A 10-hour process, reduced to two minutes of sheer joy, is whittled down to a three-and-a-half minute video. This has it all: pigs, toppling structures, a working catapult and the angriest of birds. Okay, Blackmarket, time to re-create this cake and allow people to play it pronto. . . .

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