Foie+Short Rib at Break of Dawn=Breakfast of Champions

Haven Gastropub Chef Greg Daniels is undoubtedly Orange County's champion of foie gras, hosting a “Fight for Foie” dinner last night in the face of protestors and even heading to Sacramento to lobby lawmakers in support of the luscious liver. 

While he's not on the front lines, Weekly favorite Dee Nguyen of Break of Dawn is doing what he can to honor the ingredient before it's scratched from California's restaurant menus on July 1. 

Until that day, he'll be offering a 2.4 oz. slab of the stuff atop his
most decadent dish, the beef short ribs–a 14-hour braised hunk of beef
with mushroom ragu, prickly ash pepper jus and a merlot poached egg. 

The $17 plate gets the ultimate upgrade for $6. As Dee put it: “Foie in your short ribs. Breakfast of champions!”

Here, here.

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