Flamin' Hot Thursday

After the relatives have woken from their tryptophan comas and finally gone home, perhaps you'd like to go out and celebrate with a real drink, surrounded by friends and other post-Thanksgiving party people. Here comes Ripples to save the holiday, the infamous bar/club is open every single day, including this one, and welcomes everybody to dance off some pent-up frustration caused by crazy family members—and maybe that second helping of pumpkin pie. The usual entertainment for Flamin' Hot Thursdays includes the Flamin' Drag Show—and if those fabulous drag queens can make it out tonight, then you're in for one hell of a performance. Either way, there's karaoke, followed by dancing to pop and dance hits by DJ Mush. Bonus: Most folks don't have to work tomorrow!

Thu., Nov. 27, 2014

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