Five Weirdest Foods at Coachella

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Prepare your digestive system for what's to come. If you're feeling “adventurous” before (during, or after) Snoop Dogg — we have a couple
suggestions and a warning to guide you through.


Kimchi Eggs Benedict — $12

The Lime Truck in the Farmer's Market has added Korean flair to the standard European menu item. The sit-down eatery swapped out the greens and ham for kimchi — fermented cabbage covered in spicy-sour red paste — and topped the entire piece off with a thick hollandaise. While most ingenuity with festival foods results in disaster (having a minimal choice of cooking implements can be severely restricting) the kimchi on the dish cut through the rest of the benedict's otherwise standard ingredients and imbued a refreshing spice to the otherwise heavy dish.

Additionally, the runny eggs come accompanied with small, round potatoes cooked with carmelized onions, and the entire thing is topped with a generous pinch of crunchy crisps.

Ice Cream on a Stick with Waffles — $7

Sometimes a food's practicality can be just as important as it's flavor, and in this regard, food on sticks always come out, well, on top. “The works with waffles” at the waffle cart inside the festival venue not only offers one of the few dessert options for Coachella attendees, but it conveniently provides it on a stick. The cool ice cream comes with a generous helping of nuts, a hardened coat of chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, sandwiched between two waffles kissed with a fine sugar dust.

Date Shake — $6

One of the most well-known items at the festival, the date shake is a roughly 20 ounce shake that's made with real dates and ice cream. For those who aren't a big fan of the sweet fruit, no worries — the creamy, thick shake's date flavoring is almost impossible to taste (it more closely resembles vanilla). So, if you're looking for something (reasonably) well priced to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings, this may be one of your best options. The vendor also offers free dates and shake samples — and seeing as this may be a festival goer's only encounter with fruit all weekend, we suggest everyone takes them up on their offer.

Strawberry-Basil Popsicle — $5

Though pairing strawberry and basil is, in many ways, akin to the Arcade Fire of flavor profiles (just a touch out of the mainstream, and anyone who knows anything has at least heard of it) finding it in popsicle form at Coachella was a surprise. Listed beside an equally tempting mango chili flavor, this popsicle stand has struck gold in the VIP section. Points are awarded for: low calories, being on a stick (again, always a plus), being cold (never a bad thing in the desert, apart from “coldchella”) and having all its ingredients harvested from local farms in San Diego (locavores unite!). All around, a pretty guilt-free festival snack.


Crab Garlic Fries — $9

No blue-blooded American appreciates being gastronomically shafted — and this sentiment is only intensified after a long day wandering around expansive desert grounds. Much like being served a steak that's a quarter of the size you wanted, adding a spoonful of mushy, texture-less crab on to garlicky, excessively mayo-coated French fries feels a bit like cheating. Fortunately, there's plenty of water (and date shakes) available onsite to wash the salty flavor down.

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